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Webs Reviews originally known as Freewebs provides thousands of people websites. Whilst lacking advanced merchant abilities such as integrated checkout / order management, they do have some good tools to easily build your website using their flash based interface.

If you are looking to have a very simple website that will not change, webs can be a good choice. However if you are looking to have a website for your business that has the potential to sell items and reach top spots in search engines, we recommend having a look at Create.

Below are a handful of helpful reviews:

“Since October has been trying to provide the service of pointing my domain name to my website which is hosted by another service. has yet to be successful. Their communication to me as a customer is cryptic and sad.

I’m not an IT Tech, I’m just a customer who thought the service they advertised they would provide would work.”

“This system makes updating my website so interesting. I often change the design so that visitors to the site don’t get bored. It takes 2 seconds!”

“webs is great, but the shoutbox doesn’t work so well. It either doesn’t post ur comment or it posts twice..”

“ is a free website provider. I have set up one of these for some of my photography, and have found it easy to use and effective to view. ”

“I have set up two websites using this site and being a bit of a computer novice I have found this website designer service straightforward and easy to use.”

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  1. Webs is relatively easy to set up, even for a novice, and offers a wide range of designs and layouts to make your website truly individual. It has generated a large amount of interest in my business.

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