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Mr Site Review

Mr Site Review

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Mr Site Reviews

Mr Site was one of the first major players in the build your own website market. Starting in 2004, they had a huge marketing budget and quickly established itself as the go-to company for making your own website. To date Mr Site has been nominated for many business awards.

From our experience using Mr Site it’s clear their past success has come purely from their marketing budget and not from the service they provide. You only have to have a glance at the current ranking Mr Site has and realise it’s not the service you want to be using.

If you are seriously considering purchasing the Mr Site service, I would certainly recommend at-least signing up for a free 30 day trial with Create before you do anything drastic and purchase MrSite! It is 100% completely free, so if you don’t get on with using Create … no harm done.

Our experience using Mr Site has been very negative, so we do welcome your own reviews below. Have you had troubles using their service? Or perhaps you’re running a success website with them? Please spare 2 minutes to help others and write your review below.

Our conclusion

One word: NIGHTMARE! The fact is, if you just want to setup the simplest website, MrSite can do this. However there are other services out there that are both cheaper and easier to use.


  1. Absolute rubbish and not worth spending any money on – worst customer service I have ever received and far from value for money – I am considering seeking advice – Steer well away

  2. I would not recommend Mr Site to my worst enemy. If you have a problem……….forget it. If you manage to contact support their support team seem to have no idea what they are doing.

    Moved my 3 sites from them months ago. On filling in the transfer form I was asked to state what was the best feature of Mr Site. I put LEAVING!!!!


  3. This thing is an absolute rip of It lets you pick a web page design but from then on you are on your own. They assume you understand all the technical terms and are expert in setting things up. Telephone support doesn’t exist. Two hours of constant phoning only to be confronted with a guy in India who kept saying ‘oh goodness me, I’m sure there is a solution to this’ to every query I had,but never gave me any solutions

  4. Hi!

    I stupidly purchased Mr Site about a year ago. I should’ve known what to expect when they don’t provide any demonstrations or trials of their system before I signed up.

    Once you’re in, you are pretty much left to your own devices with features and widgets hidden in the last place you’d logically look. I found it a nightmare to use.

    Don’t expect anything helpful (if anything at all) from their support staff either. I switched over to DoYourOwnSite before my first month was up with MrSite and I haven’t looked back!

  5. Upon realising Mr Site was not a practical solution to creating a website, I had them transfer my domain name over to Weebly. I had to pay £15 for the transfer which takes 48 hours. Two weeks later I still dont have my domain for use with my new website. So not only is Mr Site a rip off to begin with, but they manage to rip you off further even after you have realised they are useless! Avoid at all costs! Which in my case was about £20 for joining and £15 for trying to leave!

  6. As a new business start up I spent some time researching my options before choosing to purchase this software. It had all the right messaging on the box “Everything you need to get the website you want online” and “it’s seriously easy to use”. Don’t you just love the marketing people?! There are so many things wrong with this product that it’s hard to know where to begin.

  7. I was very unhappy with Mrsite. It was off line more than it was on. It was very slow to load and caused me no end of problems. I moved in August and my new site is excellent. I would never use Mrsite ever again.

  8. Having personally used the Mr Site system, my understanding of their success is it comes from their huge marketing budget to draw people in and most certainly does not come from repeat customers!

  9. MR Site is terrible. I bought it one day ago and i’ve cancelled already. People, if you want a website just learn basic HTML and CSS,its far less complicated than the mystery maze of menus on Mr Site and you’d end up with better results. ON MR SIte you can barely even do a simple thing like add a border or change the header height, and if you want to add an image gallery don’t expect to be able to edit it to the format and layout you want, because you can’t. You can’t edit HTML on a page where you’ve used one of MR SItes features. Customer support terrible, service terrible and now i only get a part refund. THe worst thing of all is they now own my domain name for a year so my business plans are completely screwed unless I buy the domain name (which i own but due to Mr SItes rules can’t access) back off them. Essentially i just spent £40 to go backwards instead of forwards, i.e now i dont’ even have the domain name i need (which is specific to my business needs)
    Screw you Mr Site!

  10. How mrsite won any awards I have no idea. Bribes perhaps?

    I paid basically £100 to mrsite thinking I’d get my business online and selling my products in no time. One month of utter nonsense using their system and I switched to Create. Support is a joke and the system is a complete maze.

    I’m now using Create and I’ve never looked back. THEY ARE SO HELPFUL!!

    I’m gutted I wasted £100 on mrsite.. asking for any form of refund was a waste of time.

    Learn from my mistake!


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