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Moonfruit Review

Moonfruit Review

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Moonfruit Reviews

The UK based company Moonfruit started its website building software in the year 2000. Now in the 5th version of its software Moonfruit is a major player among the build your own website services.

Moonfruits main focus is for graphic designers. Their drag and drop system allows for designers to add website functionality to their fully made designs, with little technical knowledge required. It’s worth mentioning the moonfruit system builds great looking sites, although their software is currently lacking promotional features that can get you to the top of search engines.

Read some reviews below:

“Just paid full fee in advance, 20 days in and site freezes every time I try to edit it. I have sent 8 emails to ‘Customer Support’ and have only received automated replies. Now I intend to get my money back on their 30 day guarantee, mind you, by the time they reply to that email, I will be past the deadline as I only have 8 days left.”

“It’s a cool concept, and we’ve tried to make it work. If you have something really simple, it might be ok. But pretty sites, and as long as you just want basic copy and paste, you’re fine.”

“Moonfruit is a free and easy to use website builder for beginners. All you need to do is really drag and drop things onto your page. You can easily upload your files, add links and so on with just a few simple clicks. Great to use if you dont want to spend time trying to learn HTML.”

“If you’re going to get into a lot of html snippets (video, newsletter forms, etc) you’ll see a bunch of problems. All in all, not a bad tool; we’ll continue to use, just know the limitations.”

If you are seriously considering subscribing to Moonfruit, we would personally recommend at-least signing up for a 30 day trial with Create. Their free trial is is 100% completely free and doesn’t even require any credit card details… so if you don’t get on with the service and do decide to go with Moonfruit, no harm done!

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  1. Moonfruit is a easy builder. The shopping tool has stock management & product options, but if you wanted to have a live chat service on your site you cannot as the html snippet just causes problems.

  2. I love designing the site. It’s easy to change the design around there’s always something extra I can add. My only complaint would be they dont make it easy to be found in search engines. I’ve been told its something to do with their “flash”? I’m not technical, but would like better thought for search engines. Website looks great, but useless if it cant be found! Overall a positive experience from moonfruit.

  3. While the system is easy to set and use, and the look of their websites are clean and up to date, the functionality is lacking. They do not include simple tools like grouping elements (that stay grouped), no spell check (ouch!!) and no phone support. I’d keep looking…

  4. I really like Moonfruit’s Sitebuilder tool. There are some limitations but I have found ways to work around them. The worst problem I have is their serving capacity. I just spent five weeks developing my Moonfruit website only to find that I continually get 504 gateway errors. Their servers timeout several times each day. Today is a critical site presentation day and I can’t access my website. Moonfruit does not have phone technical support so I’m pretty much screwed.

  5. Moonfruit is a very good way to build a site if your doing this for the first time BUT… There are too many problems and they are soooooo out of date its unreal.
    So you build yourself what you consider to be a nice looking site?!?! … No go and check this on your mobile lol, CRAP!!
    They are flash based which leads to many other issues too but seriously, If your going to spend then please find a better provider… The good reviews they get are only about ease of use, And that is very true… But the problems that come along with it are just not worth it.

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