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DoYourOwnSite Review

DoYourOwnSite Review

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DoYourOwnSite Reviews

DoYourOwnSite founded in 2006 quickly became a major player in the “build your own website” areana.

Do Your Own Site was and still is often referred to as the easiest website builder on the market.

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Read some of the reviews below:

“Before I started using DoYourOwnSite I could not imagine building my own website. You guys could not have made it easier. After only 6 hours I have published my very own website!”

“Within a week my partner has managed to setup three websites for our family businesses. It’s not often I praise my partner for his speed, but I’ll give credit when it’s due! They look so professional, I can’t praise them enough.”

“ I thought that I didn’t know enough technical jargon to build a website, so I kept putting it off. It’s been so simple however! Everything is laid out so easily and explained perfectly. Absolutely brilliant!!”

“Not only have I managed to build an extremely professional looking website, I’ve learnt a tonne too. I had my website online in a matter of days and learnt so much about the internet. Really can’t fault this service. You guys are great!”

Note that DoYourOwnSite’s success allowed them to re-brand into the much more recognisable “Create” in 2009. With this re-branding also came a massive amount of new features and services, easily making it the most professional web building software available.

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